Understand why Vitamin C in skin care can be effective, or have no effect at all.  Important information for those looking for a highly effective antioxidant serum for their private label skin care line.

Vitamin C Dilemma & Antioxidant Serums

Vitamin C has been used throughout history to help heal and cure numerous internal and external ailments, while being a staple nutrient for overall health.  While its internal benefits are impressive, its external anti-aging benefits are also remarkable.

Every day our skin is assaulted by harsh environmental factors and ultraviolet radiation, which ages our skin by depleting our collagen, increasing free radical production and causing undesirable photo damage and age spots.  Topical Vitamin C comes to the rescue by replenishing our skin’s antioxidant stores, combating oxidative stress, and helping to rebuild and synthesize our own collagen.

But are all forms of Vitamin C equal?  No.

The most common form of Vitamin C in skin care today is Ascorbic Acid.  Unfortunately, this form is highly unstable and oxidizes rapidly when exposed to light, air and water.  Once a product containing ascorbic acid is initially opened, its potency will start to rapidly degrade, resulting in a dramatic loss of effectiveness (this is demonstrated in the browning of vitamin C serums over time).  The reason you see products touting 10-20% ascorbic acid is because that high of a percentage is needed to compensate for all of the ingredient loss due to oxidation after opening.

Is there a better form?  Yes.

Many new forms of Vitamin C are emerging in the market place that are considered “stable” and do not have this problem of rapid oxidation.  One such form is Ascorbyl Glucoside – which Dreamline Ceuticals uses in our products.  This form binds ascorbic acid to a glucose molecule to stabilize it and allow it to remain effective until it has reached the desired layers of the skin.  This means that you don’t have to worry about your product decreasing in efficacy, which will ensure you are receiving all of the wonderful benefits of topical vitamin C.

In order to maintain the highest standards of efficacy in our products, we don’t stop at simply choosing the best and highest-grade ingredients, we also consider the best packaging for those ingredients.  In order to further protect our products from oxidation, we only offer our Vitamin C serum in airtight opaque packaging where it will never be subjected to air or light.  That means this wonderful active can dive deeper to fight those free radicals and provide essential protection for your skin, before it loses its efficacy.

Now you know why our C+ Ferulic Defense HydraSerum is the finest, Vitamin C antioxidant serum offered in our private label skin care collection.

But Dreamline Ceuticals doesn’t stop there with just Vitamin C. We utilize all of the hydrating and plumping benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, plus a multitude of other amazing actives (peptides, brighteners, and natural extracts) to address the many signs of aging.  Finally, an antioxidant serum that is formulated using multi-active ingredients for multi-functional results. It’s really the best of all worlds in one super-charged serum.