The Wonders of Peptides
You’ve probably been hearing plenty about peptides in skin care. But what exactly are they and what do they really do?

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are made up of long and short chains of amino acids. These active molecules send signals to your cells instructing them how to perform and function. Due to age, environment and other factors, these signals can become compromised, resulting in subpar cell communication and performance. For example, with every passing year, our cells begin to lose the ability to produce collagen and elastin as efficiently as when we were younger, resulting in collagen depletion, loss of elasticity and wrinkles. Enter peptides. Topically applied, certain peptides can re-communicate instructions to collagen and elastin fibers prompting them to recommence and/or increase production. The result is the formation of new, healthy collagen & elastin, restoring & promoting supple skin and a more youthful appearance. On the market today are a bounty of peptides that can help restore skin. They are not limited to anti-aging benefits, but also aid in healing, anti-inflammation, and a plethora of other skin concerns.

Peptides can come from natural sources, or they can be created synthetically. Some of the most effective peptides for skin care are manufactured in a lab, and this is because synthetic peptides can be engineered to be far more stable and effective than those derived from natural sources. This is an excellent example of why natural ingredients aren’t always the most effective option. Both have their place in skin care and we utilize both in our formulations.

While peptides are an amazing tool in one’s skin care arsenal, they alone are not a silver bullet. Just like the body, skin is very complex, and it too requires the help of additional nutrients, antioxidants, and a myriad of other important actives to truly make a visual difference. Always be weary of any product that touts a single ingredient as the answer to aging skin.

At Dreamline Ceuticals, we create sophisticated, multi-functional products that address the many different concerns of the skin. These products are developed by world-class chemists, using only the highest quality active ingredients, formulated at ideal concentrations, for maximum efficacy. If you’re looking to build a skin care line that is second-to-none, contact us to learn more about building your brand and your business.