Skin Care BrandsThese days, it’s difficult to maintain customer loyalty where skin care products are concerned. You make an investment in the products from a big brand to add revenue to your practice or spa, then you recommend and sell them to your clients, only to find out that they have gone to sites like Amazon to buy more (for far less than you can afford to sell the same products). And why wouldn’t they? But where does that leave you? Unfortunately, it leaves you with a lot of one-time purchases, when you were hoping for repeat sales. It’s a nasty ploy by the big brands, and you are correct, it’s not fair.

So, how does this happen? Quite simply, large distributors strike deals with these mega skin care brands, and buy in huge lots at a significant discount. Then they turn around and price them on sites like Amazon at significantly reduced prices in order to win the sale. It’s big business. You introduce the brand to your clientele, and they take the business from you.

One of the most effective ways to win your clients back into a skin care program, is to create your own line – one they can’t find anywhere else. Not only is this an opportunity for you to develop a good revenue stream with higher profit margins than with typical brands, it also prompts your clients to come in more often for services because they need more product. It’s also an excellent form of marketing for you! When your name is on the bathroom counter of any client, YOU are who they think of when someone wants a referral. You remain “top of mind.” It isn’t often one gets the opportunity for free advertising, because marketing always costs money.

In order to offer a skin care range that is successful, you’ll need extraordinary products. The formulations need to work, and feel amazing. If they don’t, then clients won’t be back for more. Additionally, the packaging needs to be as stellar as the formulations inside. This is referred to as value perception, and it’s what makes people spend inordinate amounts of money on skin care. It takes the whole package, inside and out, in order to have a successful skin care line that your clients will covet. The key to all this, is to keep your clients coming back for more, and for them to be excited to do so.

It’s time to build your brand. It’s time to carve out a slice of the highly lucrative billion-dollar skin care industry. Remember, you are the one with the clients.

At Dreamline Ceuticals, we create sophisticated, multi-functional products that address the many different concerns of the aging skin. These products are developed by world-class chemists, using only the highest quality active ingredients, formulated at ideal concentrations, for maximum efficacy. Then we package them in gorgeous containers, custom designed by award-winning designers. And to top it off, we screen print. No digitally-printed labels. You get a big brand look, at the price and minimums typical of private label.

If you’re looking to build a skin care line that is second to none, visit us online at and learn more about building your business and your brand, with your own private label or custom skin care brand.