Private Label Step by Step
You are a specialist. You are a medical professional. You use products that are designed and intended for professional use only. Medical-grade brands were originally created by doctors and only sold to (and through) medical practices such as yours. You helped build their name recognition, and made their brands successful.

Today, due to rampant acquisition strategies by major corporations, many skin care brands are now nothing more than cogs in the wheel of mega-brand portfolios. As a result, these same skin care brands can also be found online at a discount, where your clients ultimately buy them, rather than through you.

So why continue to support the brands that no longer support you? Create your own custom-branded skin care line and offer your clients something they can’t find anywhere else.

The private-label skin care market is a rapidly expanding segment. There are many viable private-label companies that create advanced formulations. These companies allow you to customize their packages to varying degrees, and some only add the client’s logo to their existing design, while others will fully customize. It’s important to know that most private label skin care companies have extremely limited design capabilities, which will often leave your products looking more like private-label than a serious brand.

Here’s what you should look for to start a quality brand:
• Low starting minimums
• Free custom-designed brand and package design
• Free marketing materials
• Screen-printing (not labels)
• Cost-effective back bar program
• Exceptional customer service

There is only one skin care manufacturer that offers all of the above — Dreamline Ceuticals — with highly advanced anti-aging formulations in gorgeous, custom-branded, and screen-printed packages.

Stop supporting brands that no longer support you. At Dreamline, we create sophisticated, multi-functional products that address the many different concerns of the skin. We offer products that are developed by world-class chemists, using only the highest quality active ingredients, formulated at ideal concentrations, for maximum efficacy.

Create a product line that will allow your customers to carry your brand home with them. Visit our website to learn more about building your business with your own custom skin care brand.