Dreamline Ceuticals Cream and Serum Packaging
Every package tells a story. Developing a successful branded product line takes experience, talent and strategy. Our award-winning Designers and Art Directors consider how your products will be positioned in the marketplace, and how your clientele will receive them. We consider the type of design that will set you apart from the competition and best promote your brand. We’ll even help you develop your brand if you don’t have one—all at no cost to you.

Whether your brand is prescriptive, natural, clinical or luxury, we’ll present packaging designs specific to your needs—that will be compelling to your customers—all while considering the latest market trends.

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SCREEN-PRINTED PRODUCTS: Private Label without the Label™. You’ll never get labels, only beautiful screen-printed products. That’s because we believe in positioning you as a quality brand, and labels simply don’t do that. We’ve invested in your success by offering what no one else can.

PRODUCT BOXES: Dreamline is proud to offer custom product box design—at no cost to you—and product box manufacturing (3rd-party) for those who want boxes for their products*. Product boxes can elevate the perceived value of your line by making a statement. This is generally recommended for those wanting to position their products as higher-end, advanced or luxury brands, or who want to add barcodes to their products.*

*Product boxes are often necessary if barcodes are required, as most skin care containers are too small to print the required size.

BAR CODES: We can add your barcodes OR we have barcodes available for purchase for $15 per bar code*. *Retailers or Amazon sellers must provide their own barcodes.

PRINTING: Full-color inks. Box embellishments such as embossing, spot gloss and foil stamping are available. Additional costs apply.

MINIMUMS & COST: There is a minimum of 250 boxes per SKU. Pricing starts at $1 per box.

NO BOX DIE CHARGES: There is no charge for box dies.

Dreamline Ceuticals Product Boxes

PRODUCT CONTAINERS: A gorgeous array of high-quality product containers are available for your formulations. Our design teams will recommend the containers that best match the look of your brand, and which are compatible with the formulations. They will also take into consideration which product containers make the most attractive grouping for your skin care line.

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Dreamline Ceuticals Packaging Containers