SAMPLE KIT (Private Label Program) – United States

We offer a sample kit that includes a product sample of every formulation we offer.

Cost: $50 (free shipping)
Trial Period: Sample sizes are good for an individual trial period of approximately 2-3 weeks.
Delivery: Kits are shipped FedEx Ground within 2-3 business days, and tracking will be emailed to you.

Please review the information below carefully. Each point will help you determine if DREAMLINE CEUTICALS is the best partner for your venture.

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Opening order minimum: $2,400

• Opening retail order minimum – 48 units per SKU (product type)
• Straight reorder minimum – 24 units per SKU (product type)
• Additional quantities must be ordered in multiples of 12 units
• Professional (back bar) is available. Minimum quantity: 1
Note: Professional (back bar) is only available for purchase when ordering the same formulations in your retail line.

• A 50% deposit is required to begin the creative process. The balance is due upon approval of final mechanical art files, prior to manufacturing.
• 100% payment is due prior to manufacturing.
Product Additions:
• 100% payment is due prior to the creation of new art files.

Package Design:
Branding & package design is provided – at no added cost.
Secondary Packaging (Product Boxes):
Custom-designed product boxes are also available for an additional charge. Minimum quantities per SKU (product type) start at a quantity of 250. Boxes will be custom-designed to complement the product package design – at no added cost.
Marketing Materials:
Custom-branded marketing materials will be designed – at no added cost.

  • High-Resolution Product Imagery
  • Custom-Designed Counter Display (8.5 x 11)
  • Custom-Designed Homepage Web Banner
  • Detailed Product Reference Manual of Your Product Line

• You may sell & market your products anywhere you like inside the U.S.
• You may change the product names so they are proprietary to your brand.
• The Dreamline company name does not appear anywhere on your final products, packaging or marketing.
• The relationship between Dreamline and our clients is strictly confidential.

Professional product sizes are only available for purchase in conjunction with your retail line.
Bulk product is provided in plain white opaque plastic bottles with pumps with your branded label.
20 empty (non-labeled) 4.5 ml vials with treatment pumps are included with each bulk product for sampling.
Note: We do not manufacture custom-branded sample-sized products, but we can refer 3rd party manufacturers who specialize in this type of manufacturing.

TURNAROUND (Does not include shipping time)
Opening Orders:
• Design & Mechanical Art Files: Approximately 3 weeks
• Manufacturing: Approximately 3-4 weeks
• SPF (OTC) requires 5-6 weeks production time on initial order
Reorders (Upon payment in full):
• Approximately 3 weeks
• SPF (OTC) requires 3 weeks production time
Product Additions (Upon payment in full):
• Mechanical Art Files: Approximately 1 week
• Manufacturing: Approximately 3-4 weeks

Our products are fully warranted and have a shelf life of 18 months unopened, and 6 months opened. It is imperative that stock be properly rotated and stored. Products should be stored between 59 to 70 degrees.

Our prices are all-inclusive, with the exception of:
• Shipping Charges
• Barcodes (optional) are available for $15 per product. Note: Due to standardized barcode size requirements, product boxes must be purchased if you want bar codes for your skin care products.
• Product Boxes are custom-designed at no added cost, however, they are printed by a 3rd party box manufacturer. The cost is $1 box (250 minimum per SKU). Added embellishments, such as foil stamping or embossing are extra.
• Resellers (Amazon): You must supply us with Amazon-generated barcodes or barcodes from
• Shrink Wrap Seals – available for $.25 to $.30 per unit/piece – 500 unit/pieces minimum per product.

YES! I have reviewed the price list and minimums, and completely understand the points outlined above, and this is aligned with my venture. I’m ready to start testing!

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