Bottles and botanicals used in private label skin care development
Bottles and botanicals used in private label skin care development

Thinking of private label skin care? This post describes the keys to developing the look of a big brand.

You’ve heard it before.  Start your own skincare line.  Sell your own line, not someone else’s.  And while we agree, if you’re considering developing a private label skin care line of your own, do it well, or really… don’t do it at all.

While one of the key aspects of any successful brand must be formulations that deliver, products with digitally printed labels on substandard containers won’t get you there.  That’s because, to the consumer, the look & feel of your skin care line is a direct reflection of the formulation inside.  This is a critical element of “Perceived Value.”

Every successful brand on the market today has invested heavily in their success, and marketing & packaging are key components.  When you create your own private label skin care, these big brands become your competition.

Let’s start with package design.  You might have a logo, but how is that logo represented on your package?  What is the feel?  Luxurious?  Natural?  Clinical? Package design is what gives your audience a feeling — an impression or insight into your brand.  Quality design will help to tell your story and create desire for your products, all without saying a word.  Adding your logo to a label isn’t package design, and it won’t convince your customers that your products are superior to others. Package design is an art and requires truly talented designers to make even the most basic package design look great.  Consider Apple products.  True talent makes clean & sophisticated design look easy, but few really understand it.

Labels. Today, all private label manufacturers provide digitally printed labels for your products.  It’s the only way manufacturers can “brand” a container if you want to buy in low volume.  But you will never look like a serious brand using digitally printed labels, because they “look” like private label.

Dreamline Ceuticals is a leading skin care developer & manufacturer, with a 153,000 square foot facility.  We tout designers with years of award-winning package design behind them, state-of-the-art manufacturing & screen-printing presses (10 to be exact) to deliver the kind of products our clients require for success (private label or custom) from start-to-finish. There are no digitally printed labels here, only high quality screen-printing directly onto the containers.  We do it for many of the world’s largest brands, and we can do it for you.

Give yourself every chance of success with your private label skin care brand and look to the experts at Dreamline Ceuticals.